With Montessori Parents and Teachers Tackle Toilet Training Together

Deciding that you and your little one are ready for the big kid toilet is a huge deal! Congratulations to you both! It is an exciting and challenging, time for you both. The good news is you are not alone with it! The Montessori way is to have parents and teachers tackle toilet training together to ensure it is as stress-free as possible.
The Potty Training Challenge
Families today do not always have the luxury of staying home to tackle potty training. Parents have work, kids have school or daycare, we all live a busy life. It takes time and quite a bit of effort to get kids to start going to the toilet rather than take advantage of the diaper.
You have to decide when the time is right, but you also have to know that they are ready for the big transition. We encourage you to begin by talking to your child about their bodily functions. Put a name to it. Going potty, using the toilet to pee or poop, etc., are some great options. You want to talk to them about the fact that they used the bathroom in their pants but may one day be able to go to the toilet where it is cleaner. This will help your child get ready for it.
Starting the Process
When you feel your child is ready, you will need to start at home. You can do this in any way that you like. For some the promise of being a big kid once they go potty is enough. For others, they may want a reward such as underwear with their favorite characters on it. Discover what encouragement your child will need to take the leap into using the toilet, then talk to your child’s teacher about words you use to encourage trying the toilet at home or signals that your child may use to indicate that they need to go.
Toilet Help is Always Available
They say it takes a village to raise a child. You and your child’s teacher can work together on all things, even toilet training. The teacher can know what to look for with your child and their routines. They know how to ask and arrange trips to the bathroom that will not single out your child. They can deal with accidents in a way that will make you and your child happy. In short, you are not alone with this adventure, and neither is your child!

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